Entry #22

Testing my Web Comic skills

2015-07-19 23:21:53 by TheSin

So, I decided to test my photoshop skills making a Yonkoma (4コマ漫画)

I always wanted to make a web-comic so I though a Yonkoma(4コマ漫画) would be great to start with it, if anyone has good ideas to share pm. maybe we can work something out!

Constructive criticism is welcome! 


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2015-07-20 09:45:56

It's always good to start with a Yonkoma, but I'd love to see you start a full fledged manga series!

TheSin responds:

I have three animation projects working on, plus my job that takes me away from my animation projects, for the moment a Yonkoma seems the most plausible and easier thing to do. ;p

Thanks for the suggestion though. ;)